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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kharagpur Pincode / Post Office Search (WEST MIDNAPORE, West Bengal)

Arjuni B.O 721126KharagpurWest Bengal
Attrakhi B.O 721149KharagpurWest Bengal
Ballichak S.O 721124KharagpurWest Bengal
Balpai B.O 721155KharagpurWest Bengal
Banpatna B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Barachu B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Barageria B.O 721140KharagpurWest Bengal
Barati B.O 721136KharagpurWest Bengal
Barbasi B.O 721149KharagpurWest Bengal
Bhagirathpur B.O 721136KharagpurWest Bengal
Bikrampur B.O 721136KharagpurWest Bengal
Brahmansasan B.O 721124KharagpurWest Bengal
Chabukiauttarbarh B.O 721144KharagpurWest Bengal
Chakbajit B.O 721136KharagpurWest Bengal
Chaklahana B.O 721126KharagpurWest Bengal
Chaknarsing B.O 721126KharagpurWest Bengal
Chakshyampur B.O 721124KharagpurWest Bengal
Changual B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Debra Bazar S.O 721126KharagpurWest Bengal
Deopur Amdan B.O 721242KharagpurWest Bengal
Dhamtore B.O 721126KharagpurWest Bengal
Dharenda B.O 721304KharagpurWest Bengal
Duan B.O 721160KharagpurWest Bengal
Golegram B.O 721136KharagpurWest Bengal
Guruganj B.O 721124KharagpurWest Bengal
Hariatara B.O 721304KharagpurWest Bengal
Hariharpur B.O 721136KharagpurWest Bengal
Hour S.O 721131KharagpurWest Bengal
Jakpur B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Jhanjia B.O 721124KharagpurWest Bengal
Kantachowki B.O 721140KharagpurWest Bengal
Kapasda B.O 721144KharagpurWest Bengal
Kerur B.O 721155KharagpurWest Bengal
Khagrageria B.O 721144KharagpurWest Bengal
Kharika B.O 721144KharagpurWest Bengal
Khatranga B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Lakhichak B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Laxmipur B.O 721242KharagpurWest Bengal
Madpur S.O 721149KharagpurWest Bengal
Maligram B.O 721140KharagpurWest Bengal
Matkatpur B.O 721305KharagpurWest Bengal
Mukshudpur B.O 721126KharagpurWest Bengal
Narayanbarh B.O 721144KharagpurWest Bengal
Palshya B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Paparara B.O 721149KharagpurWest Bengal
Pingla S.O 721140KharagpurWest Bengal
Radhamohanpur S.O 721160KharagpurWest Bengal
Rambhadrapur B.O 721144KharagpurWest Bengal
Rangmetia B.O 721145KharagpurWest Bengal
Routmoni B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Ruinan B.O 721144KharagpurWest Bengal
Salua S.O 721145KharagpurWest Bengal
Sankoa B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Shanrpur B.O 721136KharagpurWest Bengal
Shaymraipur B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Shyamchak B.O 721301KharagpurWest Bengal
Talbagicha B.O 721306KharagpurWest Bengal
Turia B.O 721160KharagpurWest Bengal
Uttar Eral B.O 721144KharagpurWest Bengal